New cars revealing

Please welcome new and unique members Buggy, Hot Rod and limousine of Long to the family. Their revealing is just around the corner and you can look at their specifications.

Thunderbolt - new facilities

The popularity of machines with Thunderbolt logo is increasing and therefore it was necessary to build a large new factory into which our dynamic and young company will move in the summer. You are all welcome; we are going to the grand opening with a surprise in the form of a new type of motor tricycles and sports car.

Production of tricycles will be situated in modern production halls and so will be production of motorcycles. The production of cars also perfectly fit into the manufacturing plant covering an area of about 2 ha, with a spacious showroom and service facilities. Steps of existing customers, as well as new clients, for whom sale of tricycles with Thunderbolt logo is intended, can head to the showroom. Selling bikes is also experiencing the expansion; you can also meet the bikes in the new showroom. You can order custom cars, if you are interested in replicas of famous and popular cars.

Welcome to the new website of!

We keep up and want our products to be in an unmatched graphic jacket, which will please many people interested. We hope you will like it and look forward to more news that we are preparing for you.